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Saroj Flexi Pack

Saroj flexi pack specializes in high-quality flexible packaging. Saroj flexi pack can help your brand soar above the rest. From printing to pouch making, all processes are in the house and henceforth allows us to provide quality and most importantly add value to your product.

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We Offer a Wide Range of Services

We provide the qualitative products as well as the prompt service which has enabled us to maintain the long-term relationship with our esteemed clients.

We offer packaging for Snack Foods, Biscuits and Cookies, Tea & Coffee, Water & Beverages, Ice Creams, Confectionery, Soaps & Detergents, Personal Care & Consumer Products, Groceries, Staples, Spices and Condiments, Liquid Concentrates, Lubricants, Diary Products, Frozen Foods, Industrial Applications, Agricultural Application, Pet Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Incense Stick Segment etc.
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High moisture barrier films

There are several external elements that can potentially impact a products formulation. Some of these include water, moisture, oil, oxygen, odor, flavor, particles, or gas among the rest. To maintain a products quality, freshness, and shelf life, we use films with high moisture barrier properties. These include Oxygen Barrier Films, as well. These may be used to pack frozen foods, pharmaceutical applications, Personal Care, etc,.

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